Sue Steiner’s Writing Story  

Sue graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in English, lots of dreams and dozens of ideas for stories and all types of books. Since then the ideas kept on coming and she’s  gone on to a career writing fiction and non-fiction.  Sue has also worked as a developmental editor for a publishing house, and she’s been a writing coach helping people perfect and sell their stories, articles and even screenplays.

Sue Steiner’s first published short story, The Outlaw, was for teens and published by Bowmar Press. It was followed by her first novel, Murder On Her Mind,  which was translated into German.  Her first venture into the world of non-fiction was writing for the bestselling humor book, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into History published by Portable Press.  She enjoyed working for Portable Press so she began to concentrate on non-fiction and went on to contribute to more Bathroom Readers.  She also wrote their only Bathtub Reader, the bestselling, Mom’s Bathtub Reader.  During these years, in addition to writing books, she worked as an editor and writing coach and began to contribute to online sites.

Sue and her husband Dan live with their two daughters in Northern California near the Point Reyes National Seashore. It’s a beautiful, diverse neighborhood that includes deer, coyote, red tail hawks… everything from mountain lions to sea lions.   

Need An Editor or Writing Coach? Let’s keep in touch.

Are you stuck on your story or novel , your non-fiction article or book?  Maybe you’re having trouble with that first query letter?  I’ve been there.   I know what it’s like to need objective support and criticism from am experienced, professional writer or editor after you’ve worn out your welcome with mom, dad, good friend or significant other. I pride myself on helping fellow writers, not by giving them instructions, but by nurturing their talent and helping them develop their own, original voice.