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Sue Steiner has written about everything from mummy mysteries and the adventures of George Washington's pirates, to the orangutans who made monkeys out of PhD's, and why there's so much sand in the Sahara.  

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Sue Steiner has also been a major co-author/contributor for the bestselling Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series which has over 15 million books in print.

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Why There's So Much Sand in the Sahara (Plunges Into the Universe/Portable Press)

Or... who ate the cedars of Lebanon?

In the vast Sahara, seas of sand ripple for miles. They rise up in wavelike dunes that can crest at over 1,000 feet. With temperatures that have been known to reach 136°F (58°C), the desolate Sahara covers most of North Africa and over a third of the African continent. It's home to over three million square miles of dust, stone, and sand.

In the sweltering Sahara, a cool vision of waving grass and shining lakes can seem like a mirage (or the first signs of heat exhaustion), but it's a glimpse into the Earth's astounding past. Hard to believe, but this hostile ocean of sand was once an earthly Eden. Fish swam in ancient lakes; giraffes, elephants, and gazelles roamed grassy savannas; and hippos wallowed in ponds and mud.

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10 Murder Mysteries that Made History (Listverse)

Assassinations of presidents and kings aren’t the only killings that change our world. The victims in these 10 murders didn’t wield national power and most were quickly forgotten. Even so, their murders led to changes in the justice system, education, national affairs, society, and culture. Some of these cases were easy for authorities to solve; others remain a puzzle. All of them made history.

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